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Winter 2014: Farm News

In the midst of winter, and its been a VERY cold one here in Mid Atlantic, its hard to see forward to Spring, but the lovely tulips for sale in the grocery store promise its coming. This Spring we are waiting for a gaggle of Eclipse kids - with D Bar J Tirza, Trailhead Lucy, GRM Darlin Clementine, and Statesmans Lady Grace (yes, this will be line-bred Statesman - I did this several years ago and the result was a gorgeous black filly, whom I should have NEVER sold). This will also be the second cross between E and Clementine, which last year resulted in Heirloom, who is lovely. We also had an hmmm "unauthorized date" between our junior stallion Ensigns DbarJ Covenant and Flower of Bandida. Although we questioned Bandida's morals....hussie...she is lovely and he is spectacular, so we're anxious to see what this cross will look like. We hope to cross Covi on Grace this Spring - this will harken back to circa early 1900s when they crossed Ulendon on govt mares. We think they're going to make GREAT dressage horses.

We will also get the black Morgan mare pair out to picnic drives and other low key events in hopes to ready them for CDE competition. Will let you know how that goes...

And lastly, our lovely Sara, Ensigns Graceful Seraphim, is slated to go to Cathy Frederickson to begin her eventing career. We are VERY excited for this match...Cathy was my event instructor years ago and we think Sara will love her new job.

January 2014:

We feel honored that horse artist Karen Brenner painted our senior stallion, Statesmans Eclipse in two portraits featured on her website under "Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware. Please visit Karen's website to view the portraits


This is a dream come dear friend Will Slabaugh put this pair together for me at his home in KY. I went and picked up the girls this past week. The horse in PERFECT frame is Sally, Ensigns Solstice, an Eclipse daughter and the off horse is HG Valiant Black Lillie. I hadn't planned on a pair of black mares, but that's what I had on the farm!!! :) That is Wills son Marc driving them. What a LOVELY job they did with this pair!!

Morgan Pair

Spring 2013: The Dressage Experiment by Angie Bean

Our dear friend and trainer Ange Bean wrote this wonderful article about her "dressage experiment" with Eclipse. This same article was also featured in The Morgan Horse Magazine after it appeared in Morgan Dressage Association newsletter. Congratulations Ange and Eclipse...we're SO proud of you! To read the full article published by AMHA click on this link to download the AMHA Article. The same article was published in the Morgan Dressage Association Newsletter. To read that article click here to download the MDA Newsletter. In addition, Eclipse represented the Morgan Breed as an alternative to warmbloods for the sport of dressage. We were THRILLED! Read the entire USDF article titled "Quest for The Holy Grail - Or how to find a great amateur's Dressage Horse" by clicking on this link and downloading the USDF article in PDF form. Warning: it is a big file, but worth the read... and not just because Eclipse is in it!

Dressage Experiment

Eclipse Videos Now on YouTube!

Dressage trainer Angie Bean has generously made videos of our senior stallion Statesman's Eclipse available on YouTube. The videos can be accessed by the following links:

Eclipse Video Part 1/3

Eclipse Video Part 2/3

Eclipes Video Part 3/3











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