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morgan mare with foal

D Bar J Tirzah
Rosehill von Baron x Lisa Louise
16 Hand Black mare; Dam of Covenant

This 16h black mare has several crosses to Ulendon with the man himself still ON her papers! She is a lovely mare, incredibly sweet with good movement. Her name, means the one who inherits in Hebrew (Tirzah was the first Jewish female to inherit property in the bible) In 2012, she gave us Covenant, our junior stallion, so she is already our "inheritance" of Ensigns Grace. She is in foal to Eclipse for 2014. See another picture of Tirzah here.


Statesman's Lady Grace
Chief of State X Rock Bottom Lady
1997 15.1 + Hand Chestnut Mare

This is a horse I waited ten years for!! I fell in love with Grace's mother - Rockbottom Lady (old working western Jubilee King lines), who was 16h. barefoot (because of a bad knee, Lady couldn't move very well herself, but her babies floated!), chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, and was one of the sweetest creatures ever put on the face of this earth! About a month before Grace was born, I was telling her breeder, Lynne Shpak of Statesman Farm that this was Gracie. She said I was going to be terribly disappointed if it was a colt...but early one morning, Lynne called to say "your Grace is here..." I walked into Lady's stall, the baby was lying down, and I sat down cross legged next to the filly and asked "are you my Gracie?" Grace picked up her head, and put it in my lap!! YEP, Grace was finally here! And since that spring day in 1997, this mare has never disappointed. She has three wonderful gaits, conformation, a wonderful mind - quick, eager to learn and a great sense of humor. She produced a gorgeous black, line-bred filly (Ensigns Mist E Grace) in 2005 when crossed on Statesmans Eclipse. Misty resides in Riverton WY with the Barretts. In 2009, Grace gave us the palomino filly Amazing Grace (see her photo below) by PKR Primavero Brio; and in 2010, she gave us Sara (Seraphim) by Trailhead Tuscon. Grace is back in foal to Tuscon for 2011. You can see a picture of Grace being ridden by Ms. Kelin Hite, who will be attending Virginia Tech this fall in pre-vet program by clicking here.

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Kells Magic in the Heir
Spring Hills KCL X Linwoods Magic Touch
1994 Chestnut Mare, 15.1 Hands

Sophie is the mother of Majestic Ensign, our junior, junior stallion (we think...he's just a weanling as of 2014), see him on Babies for 2013 page. Soph returned to her breeders, the Kells of Minnesota this year to go to retirement. Although we miss her, we're heartened that her bloodlines will keep going through Majestic.

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Pompei Blue
Apple Pi Bubba Blue High X Pomador
2001 14.3 Hand Black Mare

"Tootsie" is by one of the reknown Apple Pi horses. Apple Pi Bubba Blue High is a grandson of the lovely Sunup Phaon, out of an Easter Twilight and Ilawanna Bess daughter. His dams side is equally impressive: Apple Pi Ebony Hi was by War Senator Dole (by War Omega Bird) and out of Carlee Hi, who traces back to Homeseeker. Apple Pi Bubba Blue was known for his exceptionally kind and laid back disposition. Many people report meeting him for the first time among 7-8 other stallions..and Bubba was always the one lying down, sunbathing!! Tootsie's mother, Pomador, has numerous crosses to Chief Buglar through her dam Brandy Alexander, and to Jubilee de Jarnette. Pomadors sire, is a Larruby King Royale son and a Fudge Royale grandson, which trace back to Go Hawk and Juzan. Tootsie carries some AWESOME bloodlines that we think typify the best of Working Western horses. We are grateful to Wales Wenburg who bred her. Tootsie gave us a gorgeous black filly in 2009 (by Eclipse), Ensigns Solstice. Sally has her Dad's beautiful movement, his sweet temperment, and her Mom's penchant for getting into mischief! I adore her!

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Trailhead lucy
Trailhead Lucy
Trailhead Cyrus x Circle H Angelica
2000 15.3 Hand Dark Chestnut Mare

Lucy is officially the biggest mare on the property at 15.3h (Bree/Grace/Sophie come close at 15.2 each.  Lucy gave us a HUGE, chestnut filly (Ensigns Statuesque - aka Nessie) in 2009, by Donna Barrett's lovely stallion Sidehill Thunder. Lucy has some incredible western blood from both her parents -- Father is by the lovely Osirus, owned by Linnea Sidea of Loveland CO, and out of Apple Pi Cocano.  Circle H Angelica was one of those OLD blooded Circle H horses (Donna had 3 at the time) that would make your jaw drop when they moved out...and being in the dressage arena these past few years, I'm not easily impressed.  Lucy has her Mom's same, HUGE trot, and a good uphill canter, even though she has been ridden only western to date.  That will change after the baby is born in June.  Lucy gave us Statuesque, a lovely chesnut filly by Sidehill Thunder. Statuesque is already 15h at 17 months, see her on sales page. She is also SUPER sweet, and follows me around like a dog -- I am SO thrilled to finally have her with me.  Thank you again Donna Barrett! Click here for a nice headshot of Lucy.

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Salina Blue
Salina Blue
Apple Pie Bubba Blue Hi x Shanana
2000 14.2 Hand Dark Chestnut Mare

"Leah (Salina Blue) is VERY special.  When I first saw her in 2003, she was in a herd of some 30 horses on a lovely 1000 acre ranch in E. Wyoming.  Leah LOCKED eyes with me, and ignored the other 8 people I was with.  I shrugged my shoulders and said "I know that look, I've been chosen."  And then this little chesnut mare with a large blaze moved out...and my jaw DROPPED at her huge, floating trot!  Yep, she was DEFINATELY coming home with me!!  Although only pony sized herself, both of Leah's parents were over 15h...her mother was 15.2-15.3, and about as broad (not fat, just B R O A D).  Leah and I enjoy one of those "once in a lifetime" kind of relationships - she's a ONE person horse, and she picked her person...lucky for me, it was me!  I would trust this horse with my life.  She will have a home with me so long as I draw breath...she's THAT special."

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morgan mare
SC Vermont Maid Lauriet
H Ken x Serena Rosebud
Bay Mare

Lori - named after my beloved mother who passed away two years ago - is VERY special. She is by Sherry Siebenaler's beautiful old stallion H Ken, from old Cross Ranch lines; and out of rare Serena blood, the line-bred Jubilee King horses off Sereno Farm in upstate New York. Lori has given me two beautiful fillies to date: Ensigns Easter Joy, (by our Eclipse) and Ensigns Stately Mandolyn (by Chief of State). In 2011, Lori will be bred to the Grundens stallion GRM Stuarts Monarch.

Palamino Morgan Mare
Flower of Bandida
Higuera Bandido x Caduceus Sonata
2006 Bay Mare

Thank you so much to Dr. Libby Flower of Flower Morgans for the sale of Flower of Bandida to us! Bandida is one of the most affectionate horses on the farm! She will be the first in her field to greet you and loves to be hugged and give kisses. Her mother, Sonata, was one of the best of Flower Horse Farms brunk bred mares with her maternal line of Caduceus Exira (full sister to Caduceus Denver.) Bandida's sire is the son of the incredible Morgan stallion Celebration, with names like Senator Graham, Romanesque, Ella Linsley, Allen King, Allen Franklin and Black Bess 4-5 generations back!

Palamino Morgan Mare
Ensigns Solstice
Statesmans Eclipse x Pompei Blue
black, 14h filly foaled 5/08

This exquisite filly has the movement of her father, our senior stallion, and is as sweet as can be! Sally will likely mature to around 15h. She will be retained on the farm as a beautiful example of what Eclipse produces.


Palamino Morgan Mare
Ensigns Amazing Grace
PKR Primavero Brio x Statesmans Lady Grace
filly foaled 5/09

Ensigns Amazing Grace (PKR Primavero Brio x Statesmans Lady Grace). Our lovely Amy is now a year old, and is already 14.2h...she's going to be a BIG girl! I've already signed her and Sally (above) up for lifetime USEF memberships as both of these lovely mares will go to Ange Bean for training and competition.

Amy had a sister born 6/29/10 - Trailhead Tuscon x Statesmans Lady Grace. We call her Sara (registered name will be Ensigns Graceful Seraphim) Seraphim is the firey winged angel who guards the throne of God, and Sara is that special. See Sara on the weanlings page.


Palamino Morgan Mare
GRM Valiant Black Lillie
RG Rimlo Prince Valiant x RG Calfalillie
Homozygenous Black filly foaled 2009

GRM Valiant Black Lillie (RG Rimlo Prince Valiant x RG Calfalillie) Foaled 2009, Homozygenous black. Lillie is now a yearling and isn't she lovely?!! Look at that movement! We bought her from our dear friends the Grundens (visit them at when Harlan told me this story about her mother. "Calfallilie was hitched to the doctors buggy and was taking Dad somewhere years ago. Somehow, one side of the buggy got pitched up on a hill and Dad came out of it. In so doing, he injured his back (which was bad to begin with) and couldn't move. Calfalliie took the buggy down the road to a spot where she could turn the cart around, and came back to Dad. He shooed her away, but she did exactly the same thing (never overturning the buggy, nor breaking harness) and came back to him. She did this three times, before Dad finally convinced her to take the buggy home. Once Lillie arrived back home without Dad, we went looking for him." Now to my mind, you just CAN'T TEACH that type of loyalty, gentleness and wisdom...the horse either has it, or they dont. I was sold...I HAD to have one of her foals in my herd, and now her yearling daughter is shown above. She is every bit her mothers daughter - kind, sweet, smart. Thank you Harlan and Tammy for sharing her with Ensigns Grace.


GRM Darlin Clementine
RG's Stuarts Monarch x RG Orcutt Ambrosia
15.2h Bay mare

This is the mare on lease from Grunden Ranch; she is GRM Darlin Clementine (RG's Stuarts Monarch x RG Orcutt Ambrosia). This 15.2h lovely Bay mare has movement and a pedigree to match her lovely conformation! I picked her out of the herd immediately because of her movement and our friends Harlan and Tammy were kind enough to let me lease her. Clemy has settled in at Ensigns Grace and in 2013, she gave us a gorgeous B I G bay filly by Eclipse (See Heirloom on 2013 babies page); she has been rebred to Eclipse for 2014. Clemy has the huge, kind eye that the Funquest horses were known for, and she is out of one of Grunden Ranch's foundation (and founding) mares, Orcutt Lass. Lass has that ULENDON line up close, through Orcland Society Man, so next year, we hope to cross her on our junior stallion Ensigns D Bar J Covenant, to add more Ulendon lines to a pedigree.

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