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Lillie dressage mare for sale
Ensigns Stately Heir
Trailhead Tuscon x Ensigns Stately Mandolyn
2010 Chestnut Gelding

This lovely gelding began his saddle and harness training in May 2013. He is pictured here in his first experience in our arena back home under saddle. He is a very sweet horse, a Chief of State grandson through the maternal side. Some of you may remember Heir's mother, Mandy competing with trainer Ange Bean in 2011 and scoring in the mid 60s with her on her first outing. I still get emails from people about her "superb movement"! Heir has superb movement, and is naturally balanced. He is very smart, very willing and will be very competitive at whatever discpline (ridden or driven) that his future owners wish to undertake. There is video of Heir posted on Utube, search HEIR OCT 2013. For sale at $4500. See additional pictures showing Heir's sweet disposition and Heir trotting.


Morgan for sale
Trailhead Absaroka
Trailhead Tucson x Whitedove Sierra
2004 Chestnut Gelding, 15 Hands

"Rocky" is named after the Absaroka Mountains, which is the mountain range south of the Grand Tetons in WY.  I named him after these gorgeous mountains because like them, he took my breath away!  He is currently 15H - should mature 15.2H or thereabouts - and has true, upper quality dressage movement.  Huge, floating trot with LOTS of hang time and a true three beat canter that is naturally balanced and an overstriding walk.  His movement was why I waited to geld him until he was 3...it is breathtaking!  See another picture of Rocky here taken spring 2008. Will be started under saddle Spring 2008 - he was growing too much last year - but has all ground manners; lunges; trailers, etc.  SOLD

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A farm DVD which includes all of the sales horses and stallions at stud is available upon request to serious shoppers. Contact us to request a copy. Additional photos of most horses are also available by e-mail upon request.

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