Breeding Foundation Sport Morgans
Proprietor Kate Farris welcomes you

Ensign's Grace Farm is long-awaited dream come true for me. The farm is named after my first Morgan, Ensign, and my beloved grandmother, Grace. Our breeding program is dedicated to producing oustanding athletes that excel in the rigorous sports of combined driving and eventing and exhibit the graceful stature of Morgan Foundation bloodlines. We know these horses will live up to their heritage and realize the promise of the Morgan Sport horse.

At Ensign's Grace, we are committed to breeding rare, Morgan foundation bloodlines that have proven themselves in today's open competition showrings. Our stallion, Statesmans Eclipse carries the blood of Lippitt Mandate, Cornwallis, Kate Moro and Linsley. We are forever grateful to Statesman Farm of Woodstock MD, where Eclipse was bred.

Eclipse trotting in field 2009
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